Why Us?

German Bio Energy Technology, or German Biogas, is a young dynamic company, established with dedication to design and construct biogas plants in China. German Biogas represents reliable and state-of-the-art proven European technology - we put our trusted name into action and provide profitable solutions for our clients in China.

Cleverly utilizing China's low energy prices, our goal is to create a profitable and reliable mix of local and imported components for our customers. We provide quality that surpasses international standards while meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, with local low-cost and affordable options.

We rely on a minimum of 10 years of proven biogas plant concepts from the European market, ensuring exceptional and sustainable biogas production throughout the year. We have easily accessible up-to-the-minute data that confirms all 250 reference plants used are still operating efficiently to this today.

German Biogas is focused on modern efficient solutions in the agriculture and industrial waste sectors and we offer a range of solutions for household and municipal waste.

Besides turnkey solutions, we also offer a full range of professional services including technology development, project feasibility, design planning, project development, construction, commissioning and technical and biological support services.

German Biogas is fully focused on reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring the most efficient processes is available. We provide a stable and comfortable environment for the depending microorganisms, motivating them to produce a high-methane output.

We provide large scale biogas plants for sustainable projects larger than 500 kWh(el) - equal to manure from 5000 cattle or 50,000 pigs, least 50 tons a day, for example, in municipal waste (MSW).

We invite you to fully explore our website to learn about how German Biogas can provide you with the solutions for your company through the many benefits of our biogas technology.