Technology solutions

Our patented unique internal biological desulphurisation system, inside the same digester tank, degrades the aggressive hydrogen sulphide content right away, protecting other equipments. Other installations need an extra external desulphurisation device.

Our patent gastight mixer adjustment system allows you to easily adjust and save the mixer from the outside, inside the digester in any direction. This is essential to solve problems without interruption dealing with floating elements or lumps of blocked elements. Even tangled rope, cable or fiber around our agitator can be easily removed by lifting out while under full operation! Other fixed agitators result to a stop when emptying the digester tank, which takes weeks to restart. Our submersible mixers, on the other hand, are flexible with full agitation of many different kinds of substrates and can reach high gas yields and sustain stable operation.

Our patent gas drying and cooling system is simple and is essential for burning the biogas and doesn't utilize any external drying and cooling machine, which consumes energy and results in higher investment.

Our patent roof holding system and 3 layer foil roof system is unique and efficient and has been sold over 3000 times worldwide. Has no other fixed roof and a separate gas storage, saving cost and space. Our roof system is essential for the safety as other fixed roofs have exploded, which is impossible with our foil.

Our patent high/low pressure guard is unique as well and has been used over the last 12 years; proven to add a lot the save operation in particular with a CHP connection to generate electrical power.

We offer full range with 5 turn key biogas technology solutions

1. Agriculture Waste, (like: pig- , cow- manure, slaughter house waste,combined with straw, green cut )
2. Industry Waste, (like: Food-, Pharmaceutical-, Palmoil-, Starch- Ethanol- waste)
3. Biological Waste, (like: Market-, Kitchen-, Greecut- Organic household waste (BSW))
4. Municipal Waste (City-, Municipal- (MSW) -, Household solid waste (HSW))
5. Any combination of above can be even better!