MT-Energie - A leading supplier of Biogas production systems

MT-Energie GmbH & Co. KG, is one of the leading producers of complete anaerobic digestion systems in Europe since 12 Years. MT-Energie developed a comprehensive concept were most parts are in-house design, matching each other to deliver a low priced profitable solution for the China.

Know-how that comes from many years of experience having completed 250 biogas plants, which corresponds to around 120 megawatts of installed generating capacity. Since MT-Energie's foundation every plant in operation until today, with average 94% operating hours.

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Malmberg-leading gas purification technology

Malmberg is a Swedish cleantech company within the fields of biogas, geo-energy, water treatment and drilling. Malmberg perform contracts both on the Swedish and the international market. Everything they do, they do for a better environment. And at the same time, they contribute to make our planet a bit better to live on.

Malmberg's technology provides a maximum of heat recovery and requires a minimum of maintenance. It is optimized to secure the best gas purification possible with the lowest energy supply.

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European Chamber

European Chamber provides European business with an effective communication and lobbying channel to the European and Chinese authorities, business associations and media.

GB is a member of European Chamber and an active member of the energy group.

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