Solution Municipal Solid Waste

Solution Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) + Household Solid Waste (HSW)

Biogas provides an efficient and proven solution in EU countries that can also reduce costs in terms of organic waste alone. German Biogas technology can separate organic waste elements, which on average are approximately 70% of total MSW/HSW and convert the waste into valuable compost, providing great cost benefits to communities. Compared with other separation processes, our wet mechanical waste treatment system can reach a higher separation ratio, less energy consumption, higher efficiency and much more suitable to the Chinese situation than the dry waste separation systems.

Furthermore, the solution requires less energy and investment, and cultivates a larger valuable output with lower emissions compared with waste-incineration solutions. The captured biogas delivers electrical energy for the system's own operation. Our solution is also capable of treating HSW.

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Biowaste delivery 生物废物运输; Bunker储料库 Screw mill 螺旋搅拌器 BTA pulper 粉碎机; BTA grit removal system 除砂系统; Grit粗砂; Buffer tank 缓冲罐; Light fraction轻馏份; Heavy fraction 重馏份;Process water treatment工艺水处理; Effluent污水; Liquid phase 液体部分; De-watering 固液分离; Solid phase固体部分; To composting 形成有机肥; Digested material 沼液沼渣; Digester 消化罐; Biogas沼气; CHP unit 热电联产机组; Heat热能; Electricity 电能)