Economic Profitability

Economic profitability from our leading technology
More power generated and more power saved

German Biogas fermentation systems are unique to operate with an average of 94% running hours per year compared with some other large-scale biogas systems of 60% production hours (94%-60%=+34%). With this 34% difference, (electricity price 0.4+0.35 subsidy x 1MWh x 24hx343days x 34%) = 2,099,000,- yuan p.a. more profit can be made with a 1MWh biogas plant, for example.

Based on long-term practical experience, our technology ensures the lowest possible operational energy consumption, with only 4% compared to other systems of approximately 10%. The saving of 6% difference equates to 370,000,- yuan p.a. at a 1MKWh capacity.

Our sufficient mixed fermentation system can reach 100% of gas potential from input material even during harsh winter conditions compared with other systems, according to a independent study with the biggest biogas plant companies. Other systems have 15% gas loss because of too short retention time caused by incomplete digestion of volatile organic material and gas leakage from the plant installation. The 15% difference results in 926,000,- yuan p.a. at a 1MWh capacity.

=> TOTAL:+3,395,000 more Profits per Year (not considering the additional fertilizer sales)